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The Tainted History of a Summer Pleasure Land:

 No one today would consider the northwestern corner of Bergen County to be a resort paradise, but for the first half of the 20th century that’s exactly what it was. In researching the history of the Ramapo River I happened … Continue reading

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History for Sale: The Story of 111 Washington, The Old Paterson Police Headquarters

Every morning and at least three times a day, I walk down Washington Street, near the center of Downtown Paterson. It’s a narrow, one-way street beset by what seems an endless row of towering buildings, akin to an alleyway one … Continue reading

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LEGOs, Revolutionaries and YouTube – The Challenges of Using YouTube as a Tool of Historical Study

In an age of digital media where images come fast and cheap through wireless connections as abundant as 747s flying through the ether, YouTube has emerged as a sourcing way point for video media. As humans, we are primarily visual … Continue reading

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Before DO AC, America’s Playground & Monopoly City Thrived.

In New Jersey, the phrases “Always Turned On”, “DO AC”, or the simple nickname, “A.C.”, awaken the imagination with radiance from the gleaming lights, abundance of casino chips, flowing drinks, flashy shows and the sparkle of the Atlantic Ocean, echoing … Continue reading

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The Balancing Act of 2008

You thought every Democrat in every category won in 2008…everywhere? Think again! And did you think there wouldn’t be an election confusion in a New Jersey election…even an election in a small town like Rutherford? Election confusion in New Jersey? Yes! It doesn’t just happen … Continue reading

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Early Chester

We cannot begin our discussion of the role Chester played in the Civil War without touching upon the town’s beginnings. Modern day Chester Township is ideally located astride Route 206, providing day trippers from New York City and urban New … Continue reading

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The Cannonball Trail: Tracing the Footsteps of American History

New Jersey is renowned for its hiking trails and nature walks; however, trail goers at some of Bergen and Passaic County’s most popular parks could be walking in the footsteps of Continental Soldiers. The forests now known for their serene … Continue reading

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