MissO Bio

I am a full time high school history teacher. I have taught several social science courses at the secondary level, including World History, USI & USII, Sociology and World Concepts & Themes. I have been teaching since 2006 and received the NJ Governor Recognition Teacher of the Year Award in 2009.

I began my Masters studies in Fall 2012 at WPU. I earned my BA in History at NYU in 2004, where I graduated with honors and received the Founder’s Day award. My senior project topic was related to Women’s Studies in Medieval and Early Renaissance Europe.

My academic interests range from Ancient Western Empires to Renaissance Europe to Modern United States History, with specific focus on the areas of Women Studies, Religious &  Social Histories for those time periods. As a fourth generation Italian-American and Patersonian, Paterson History and turn of the century Immigrant Studies are also special interests of mine.

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One Response to MissO Bio

  1. I love your stories about Paterson’s history. I am no great writer but also love the history of this great city.

    I have a website about the city in which I try to pass on some of the information I have gathered about Paterson’s history. I have also gathered a large collection of books and memorabilia about Paterson.
    If you are interested in seeing any of this material let me know.


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