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Prohibition’s Legend: Enoch “Nucky” Johnson

To many people in the 1920’s, Enoch “Nucky” Johnson was the man who ran Atlantic City with a velvet fist, the Jazz Age Titan and the undisputed “boss” of the political machine. Today, Boardwalk Empire fans identify Johnson with television … Continue reading

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Waves of Culture: The Ebb and Flow of the Hungarian Immigrant Population in Franklin, New Jersey

Nomads The history of the Hungarian people suggests that they have always had nomadic tendencies. In fact, historical records suggest that the first Hungarians (or Magyar) had migrated across Asia to eventually settle in the Danube valley in 896 AD. … Continue reading

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Documentary Revolution ‘ 67

Introduction History is alive through the stories of others. We are all part of history. The documentary, Revolution ‘ 67, discussed the story of the Newark riots. Many individuals were featured in this video. This documentary included interviews from Tom … Continue reading

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Crowd Sourcing Tragedy (Amended)

The case for (official) crowd sourcing just grew a little stronger. While it would have been another matter entirely if non-law enforcement crowd sourcing efforts had obtained clear images of the bomber’s faces, it is still significant that the FBI … Continue reading

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Crowd Sourcing Tragedy

Within hours of the terrorist attack on the Boston Marathon, the FBI was appealing to the public to provide them with photos and video of the time period before, during and after the attack. Combined with various surveillance footage from … Continue reading

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Deborah Sampson: First Woman in the U.S. Military

When I was younger I joined the U.S. Army and became a soldier. During the time that I enlisted, there were not a lot of female soldiers in the service. I recently decided to do some research to see who the first … Continue reading

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Web Page Review

Both of the sites being compared offer data on the history, culture, climate, geography, and current populations of the Orkney and Faroe Islands respectively. These sites are among the only ones on the Internet dedicated solely to their respective Island … Continue reading

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