Daniel Freeman – From Web Guru to Historian, An Epic Journey!


Hi my name is Daniel Freeman I am 32 years old and I am a second semester Grad student at William Patterson University.  I did my undergraduate studies at wonderful West Virginia University and received my B.A. in History with a minor in Political Science.  I was born and raised in Northern New Jersey and have lived in Sussex, Morris, and Passaic counties.  I started off my college career by earning a degree in Telecomm/Networking from the County College of Morris.  As a teenager I was so fascinated with technology and I eventually taught myself to code HTML.  This led me to land a job that I held for 10 years doing Web and Graphic Design as well as Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization. 

Although I did enjoy studying technology based sciences I always had a very high interest in history.  One of my favorite hobbies since I was a child has always been reading.  I decided that I wanted to explore my options and when I applied at WVU on my application my choices were Business with a focus in Technology and History.  I was accepted for history and decided that I wanted to do something that I loved.  I made this decision and I have not looked back since.  I am excited to be studying at William Patterson University and my first semester as a grad student was a wonderful experience.  I look forward to combining my knowledge in both history and technology as I move forward.  My ultimate goal is to get my PHD and become a professor of history.


About dfreeman82

Graduate student of History at William Patterson University.
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