Bryan Payor- A Bio Break


Hey all.

My name is Bryan and I study and write about history. I graduated with my B.A. in history from Ramapo College and am currently enrolled in William Paterson University for my masters degree. Recently I started work as a content specialist and teaching assistant at Passaic County Community College and am working as an assistant to the William Paterson history department. My historical interests vary, but I primarily deal with modern Western and East Asian history, military history, and the role of the professional soldier in peace time.

It is difficult to say at what point I started to love history; some of my oldest memories of the subject involve a fascination with trains during the industrial revolution. Ironically, it was not the trains that caught my eye, as they do for many nascent rail enthusiasts, but the idea of mass transit and shipping goods from one place to another. I was an odd boy. Fast forward a bit to high school and I was taken in by what I now refer to as the gateway drug of the historical profession: World War II. I have encountered countless history majors and amateur historians who first cut their teeth on that conflict before expanding their sights to other avenues of history. It seems to me that no matter what your interest and where your from, it is nearly impossible to not be fascinated by that terrible conflagration.

Most of my time is spent working with history in some capacity or another, but when I am not doing so I enjoy the dorkier things in life. I’m an avid video game player and I try to keep up with the community when I can. Recently I even drew up a list of games that are so important to the medium that I’m forcing myself to beat them by the end of 2014. I guess I’m still an odd boy.

Other than that, I practice martial arts, enjoy running, snow boarding, listening to alternative rock, hanging out at diners and tea shops, long walks on the beach, and naps. I’m looking forward to my second Tough Mudder this June along side my brother-in-law and am entertaining the thought of running a half marathon. I would also like to travel more throughout Europe and Asia. My career goal is to become a professor of history after acquiring my PHD.

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