Jennifer Hearon Bio

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Hello my name is Jennifer Hearon.  I earned two B.A. degrees in 2013 from William Paterson for History and Philosophy. I have had many other careers in the past but have always loved being in museums and libraries.  I love to learn about different types of religions not related to Christianity.

I remember as a young child going to classes about history with my father.  Learning about the Egyptians Pharaohs and the Romans thinking these dead people were really cool.  Their myths and legions bringing to mind stories that inspired the imagination.  Then I learned that these myths and legions were part of their religion.  This is where I started my journey on studies of non- Christian religious studies.

I have a love for travel and have been to 39 out of the 50 States.  I have traveled to Mexico and to Canada several times.  I love to learn about the cultures of the counties that I visit but tend to get more engrossed in their past than in their current present.

I am not from New Jersey.  I was born in Montana and lived there for a while.  I went to school in Boise, Idaho.  I have moved around quite a bit, but I like that, it gives me new sites and new perspectives.

I have 2 teenage sons; a Siberian/ golden retriever mixed dog-named Kita and a husband.  Other interests are reading, meditation, scuba diving, music, and yoga.

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