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My name is Theodore Dembowski and I am a 32 year old graduate student at William Paterson University in New Jersey.  I am currently in my fifth semester of the program.  In 2004 I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics, with a minor in history from William Paterson University.  In 2005 I started teaching high school at Butler High School, while taking the New Pathways to teaching program.  I completed the program in 2006, with 15 graduate credits in education.  In 2007 I began my career at Sussex County Technical School and currently teach math at the high school.  I also coach the cross country team there and have been named coach of the year 4 times in my 6 seasons coaching.  Three times I was named coach of the year of the New Jersey Technical Interscholastic League, twice for boys and once for girls, and once for the New Jersey Herald girls all-area in 2012.  This honor was mainly due to my girl’s team making school history and being the first to advance to the state Group Championships.  Also I had several girls get scholarships for running in college, which was also something the school has seen little of.

My undergraduate studies in history led me to want to expand my knowledge of the subject.  Three years ago while I was looking to get a master’s degree, I decided on history for several reasons.  First, I enjoy history and like to explore the past and solve problems.  History writing is much like solving a puzzle and making conjectures based on knowledge to fill in gaps and make predictions.  My mathematical ability helps with the high level reasoning that is required in graduate school.  Second, I have always wanted a master’s degree in something and decided history was a good start to my master’s education.  It offers a challenge and opens doors to explore something new and exciting.  Lastly, to help my school’s history department because it lacks personnel.  Class sizes are getting ridiculously large, which negatively affects student learning.  I want to help fill the gaps in order to help the students learn more.

Most of my undergraduate history work was done in ancient history and middle eastern history.  I studied ancient Greece and Rome especially through the ages and ended my studies with the Byzantine Empire.  I am very much interested in military history and eastern studies such as Japanese and Chinese history.

About kingsigma2014

I am currently a graduate student of History at William Paterson University.
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