Mastodon Hunt

Remember when you were a child and the thought of dinosaurs roaming the Earth just made your mind explode.  The thought of how big a Brachiosaurus was in comparison to a bus and the thought of the most fearsome of all these creatures the T-Rex had arms that were in essence useless.  Then we learned that all of these creatures died and an ice age began.  The animals of the Ice age were large and hairy with teeth or tusks to eat their pray or to protect themselves.  This is where my hunt will start.

The Ice Age, or the Calabria age, is when the Mammoth lived.  It was roughly 1.8 million years ago and ending about 8,000 B.C. During this time the Mastodon roamed the Earth.  In Northern New Jersey there has been Mammoth bones discovered.  The first Mammoth to be found in the United States was in Pennsylvania by Charles Peale.  This fossil was displayed at his museum in Philadelphia.

In Sussex county Mastodon bones were discovered in Highland Lakes in 1954.  It was determined that this Mastodon was a female and was named Matilda.

Through out the semester I will be filling you in on the other Mastodons and Mammoths found around Sussex county.  There are several other Mastodons and Mammoths in the state and fairly close to the border that I might mention.

Talk to you soon,


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