An Adventure Using the Evernote Program

Technology is designed to make life easier. Throughout history human beings have always innovated new ideas to do less work. The first bit of technology I can think of off of the top of my head that changed our existence dramatically is the wheel. Many more inventions were made possible due to this technology. When we think of technology today our minds automatically go to computers, video games, cell phones, and television sets. The advanced technology of today was not all created to make our lives easier. Video games and television sets are mainly used for entertainment purposes. The technology that I will discuss however was created to make our lives easier. The question is does it?

The Evernote program was given to my graduate class to assist us with our research. Although it has practical uses, I must admit I did most of my note taking the traditional way. As I drove all over Sussex County with my notebook on my passenger seat with addresses of historic sites I wanted to visit scribbled in its pages I began to think of exactly how I would use Evernote. I used it only once to take real notes, which was when I was reading lying in bed. It came in handy to just type some page numbers and quotes into the phone and sync it to my computer. This could not be done while driving and made no real sense to put the addresses there to look up, so what purpose could it serve?

As I jumped out of my car to take my first few pictures of one of my stops, I remembered a simple, yet very practical use Evernote has. I could easily take my new pictures and put them right into Evernote through the app on my iPhone. Then when I got home, all of my pictures were already on my computer so I can upload them to my digital archive.

Although I did not take many notes in the program, it became an important tool. The file share ability saves time by making it possible to instantly stream files by the sync feature. This was much easier than my usual way of emailing pictures to myself and then downloading them.
The ability to almost instantly have everything on my phone go right to my computer made me like the program. I decided that as a tribute to the instant sharing idea that I would write this blog on my phone and then use Evernote to put it on my computer for posting, and I did not even have to get out of bed. Evernote is easy to use and has practical purposes. Although I am very much used to the traditional notebook method of doing research, I do believe that if I got used to it, I would make good use of Evernote. I certainly would recommend this easy to use program to other people. It is downloadable on most smartphones, tablets, and computers and can sync them all to each other instantly.

Simply click on the link: to get started.

About kingsigma2014

I am currently a graduate student of History at William Paterson University.
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