My Opinion on Evernote: A Great Tool for Academic and Non-Academic Work.

Before I took this class I had never heard of Evernote. If I recall correctly I did not have much of an opinion on Evernote. I just saw it a requirement I had to do for this class. However, after I had some hands-on-experience with it and read about similar systems in the class readings I now see myself using it after the course is over, for academic and non-academic work.
For the first half of the class I had, at best, lukewarm feelings towards Evernote, and at worst, none what-so-ever. It should also be noted that I was going through a difficult period concerning family affairs during this time, so that contributed to my feelings and attempts to understand how this thing work. One noticeable event came on February 19, 2014 when I tried to figure out how to use Evernote’s Share capability. You can share your notes with other people but I could not figure out how to share my notes with the other students. Looking at the options listed I could not figure out which one would allow me to connect with the other students. At the same time, I was noticing that some of my notes were not appearing on Evernote when I accessed it from the web. I have two ways of accessing the tool: from my desktop or from the web. However, it would seem that if I put material on the desktop version it does not appear on the web version. So I decided to put material on the web version for now on. With these inconveniences and others I probably would have never given Evernote a second thought, but that attitude changed in the second half of the class.
After I read the article “A Method for Navigating the Infinite Archive” in History in The Digital Age for March 13, 2014, I realized the potential this tool can give me. I recently have been having storage difficulties concerning items in my house, including paper. I tried to put my loose papers in binders but if I did that the binders would take up a lot of space and cost money as well. But, thinking about the reading and working with Evernote I now view it as a good alternative to using paper, thus freeing up space in my house. Also, because Evernote can save lots of material I can use it to save my multiple drafts of a particular paper. I can even use it to transcript my past papers and their drafts that I currently have in hard copy. Thus, if the hard copy is destroyed or I have to throw it away I would still have the material of it in digital form.
Seeing the advantages Evernote can give me I feel that I will be using it for the rest of my life, not only to help me in academic work but also with personal work as well. This could be a potentially great tool for storing my work and keeping them save.

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