Learning about EVERNOTE – a little too late?

OneDrive-logo-blue-bgI never heard of Evernote until I took Digital History for my coursework. I will admit I did not want to use Evernote. I finally caught up with the ‘cloud’ and dreaded having to learn a new program. I tend to be very loyal to my software. For example – I use DELL and ONLY DELL equipment for computer work which means I have only ventured with Microsoft programs and will continue to do so. I of course, now am very enthusiastic about my ‘cloud’ platform on OneDrive (used to be called Skydrive.)  OneDrive and the basic function of Evernote is the same. You are able to copy and save files off the internet into a central location that you can access anywhere. So when I was introduced to Evernote, I was turned off to it. I didn’t feel I needed to learn another program that would store files.Evernote_logo_635

Unlike our cloud apps however, Evernote has this function (which is the only thing I like about it) called the ‘web clipper.’ The web clipper has the ability to highlight content on a webpage or document and import it directly into you Evernote database. You do not have to be on the Evernote homepage to do this. It’s quite cool. This way I am able to download everything faster to my folders. I even add Evernote to my smart phone,which is okay – I rarely use is on my phone but I feel comfort knowing I can access my information anywhere if I needed to.

Evernote is definitely geared towards college students and researchers. If I learned about Evernote earlier, I do believe I would have used it for all my research projects. At this time I have completed my research for my Master’s coursework and will be graduating soon, and therefore Evernote has no advantage for me. I am happy that I was introduced to such a program since there are not many out there such as this. If I ever have a major research project in the future, I will be sure to invest more time into it.

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