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Crowd Sourcing Tragedy (Amended)

The case for (official) crowd sourcing just grew a little stronger. While it would have been another matter entirely if non-law enforcement crowd sourcing efforts had obtained clear images of the bomber’s faces, it is still significant that the FBI … Continue reading

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Crowd Sourcing Tragedy

Within hours of the terrorist attack on the Boston Marathon, the FBI was appealing to the public to provide them with photos and video of the time period before, during and after the attack. Combined with various surveillance footage from … Continue reading

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Small Town History

Despite the discipline being frowned upon by our business-driven culture, the subject of history has exploded over the past decade or so. With the advent of blogs, popular TV programs on the History Channel and National Geographic, the explosion of … Continue reading

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Early Chester

We cannot begin our discussion of the role Chester played in the Civil War without touching upon the town’s beginnings. Modern day Chester Township is ideally located astride Route 206, providing day trippers from New York City and urban New … Continue reading

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Armory of the Civil War: Chester New Jersey

The national tragedy that was the Civil War began in April of 1860 and did not cease until April of 1865. Every state in the Union committed troops to the fight and became a prelude to the Industrial Age military … Continue reading

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Kyle Gaffney

My name is Kyle Gaffney and I am currently a second-year masters degree candidate at William Paterson University. Though my specialty is diplomatic relations and the United States in the Middle East, I always have a soft spot for the … Continue reading

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