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I am currently a graduate student of History at William Paterson University.

An Adventure Using the Evernote Program

Technology is designed to make life easier. Throughout history human beings have always innovated new ideas to do less work. The first bit of technology I can think of off of the top of my head that changed our existence … Continue reading

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A Brief Snapshot of Sussex County History

If you go exploring in Sussex County, New Jersey you will find an immense amount of U.S. History.  New Jersey in general has more Revolutionary War history than many people know about.  According to A Guide to New Jersey’s Revolutionary … Continue reading

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Sussex County Veteran’s Memorial Cemetery Making History

Cemeteries in the United States are generally funded by state and/or federal governments.  There is one exception to that general rule in the works right now in Sussex County New Jersey.  The Northern New Jersey Veterans Memorial Cemetery being built … Continue reading

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Theodore Dembowski Biography

My name is Theodore Dembowski and I am a 32 year old graduate student at William Paterson University in New Jersey.  I am currently in my fifth semester of the program.  In 2004 I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in … Continue reading

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