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Evernote is a relatively new application that has been made public for the consumption of the general population of technology users. This new application is multifaceted in all the potential capabilities it can deliver to the hands of the consumer, … Continue reading

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New Jersey’s Most Famous Forgotten Politician

The state of New Jersey has a known connection to both Presidents Grover Cleveland and Woodrow Wilson.  After these two well-known figures of national importance to American history, not much is known about another man who should rank high on New Jersey’s list of … Continue reading

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Richard Nixon’s New Jersey Residence

The ascendancy and presidency of Richard Milhous Nixon has been thoroughly considered by historians.  Before his inauguration as the 37th President on January 20, 1969, Nixon served as a member in the House of Representatives and Senate for six years … Continue reading

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Michael R. Freimuth

For five generations spanning over one hundred years my family has resided across the northern New Jersey landscape.  The earliest members of my family arrived in the United States through Ellis Island during the administration of President William Howard Taft as … Continue reading

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