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Mastodons and Mammoths in Northern New Jersey

The mastodons, a close relative to modern day elephants, which were found in America, were called Mammut americanus. The common term mastodon is used because of the close link to the name Mammuthus Primigenius or the woolly mammoth. The mastodon … Continue reading

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Mastodon Hunt

Remember when you were a child and the thought of dinosaurs roaming the Earth just made your mind explode.  The thought of how big a Brachiosaurus was in comparison to a bus and the thought of the most fearsome of … Continue reading

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Jennifer Hearon Bio

Hello my name is Jennifer Hearon.  I earned two B.A. degrees in 2013 from William Paterson for History and Philosophy. I have had many other careers in the past but have always loved being in museums and libraries.  I love … Continue reading

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