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Steve has been working as a vice principal at the BRICK Peshine Academy in Newark since 2015. His previous experience includes working as a teacher in Franklin, NJ for 12 years where he taught students in grades K to 8. Steve also developed and implemented a school-wide Enrichment program for the district and served as the school play director from 2003 Steve holds an Ed.M in Supervision and Administration, and a B.A. in Liberal Arts from Rutgers University in New Brunswick. Steve's love of travel and exploration have lead him to travel across four continents. and included a year of teaching English in Taiwan in 1999.

Waves of Culture: The Ebb and Flow of the Hungarian Immigrant Population in Franklin, New Jersey

Nomads The history of the Hungarian people suggests that they have always had nomadic tendencies. In fact, historical records suggest that the first Hungarians (or Magyar) had migrated across Asia to eventually settle in the Danube valley in 896 AD. … Continue reading

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Little House on the Prairie, err… Zinc Mine – The “Pioneer” Life of Hungarians in Franklin, New Jersey

A Place to Gather While researching the history of the Hungarian Reformed Church of Franklin, New Jersey, I couldn’t help but think back to the 70s television show, “Little House on the Prairie,” and see the parallel roles the church … Continue reading

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LEGOs, Revolutionaries and YouTube – The Challenges of Using YouTube as a Tool of Historical Study

In an age of digital media where images come fast and cheap through wireless connections as abundant as 747s flying through the ether, YouTube has emerged as a sourcing way point for video media. As humans, we are primarily visual … Continue reading

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Save the Clock Tower! – Hungarians in Franklin

Hungarian immigrants have been part of Franklin since its inception in the early 1900’s. Many flocked to this small corner of northern New Jersey to work in the zinc mines of Franklin Furnace. In 1913 Franklin was officially recognized as … Continue reading

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Steve Sandor

Steve Sandor Steve has been working as a K-8 teacher Franklin, NJ since 2003. He is currently teaching 5th grade Language Arts through the lenses of social studies and science. From 2006 to 2011, Steve developed and implemented a school-wide … Continue reading

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