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Evernote is a relatively new application that has been made public for the consumption of the general population of technology users. This new application is multifaceted in all the potential capabilities it can deliver to the hands of the consumer, … Continue reading

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Mastodons and Mammoths in Northern New Jersey

The mastodons, a close relative to modern day elephants, which were found in America, were called Mammut americanus. The common term mastodon is used because of the close link to the name Mammuthus Primigenius or the woolly mammoth. The mastodon … Continue reading

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War of Words: Winds vs. Franklin

It was January 5, 1776 and New Jersey’s Governor William Franklin was upset.  He felt betrayed and helpless.  By the beginning of 1776, Franklin was on the losing side of a battle to rein in the more radical (as he … Continue reading

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Discoveries at the Van Allen House: Kingsley and Hooper’s Contributions to New Jersey

When I decided to use the Van Allen House as a source for my digital archive and web exhibition I knew that the house had connections to the American Revolution with George Washington staying there. But when I really looked … Continue reading

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The Ho-Ho-Kus Hermitage

Although this building and its history do not fit with my research topic, the Hermitage is still an important and central part of Ho-Ho-Kus. One of the oldest structures in the borough, the Hermitage was built in 1763 as a … Continue reading

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YouTube – Is it really all that useful of a research tool?

YouTube is a very well known and popular website boasting a whopping over 1 billion unique visitors a month.  It provides an excellent form of entertainment providing everything from viral videos of the Harlem Shake to full documentaries.  When it … Continue reading

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New Jersey’s Most Famous Forgotten Politician

The state of New Jersey has a known connection to both Presidents Grover Cleveland and Woodrow Wilson.  After these two well-known figures of national importance to American history, not much is known about another man who should rank high on New Jersey’s list of … Continue reading

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