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Little House on the Prairie, err… Zinc Mine – The “Pioneer” Life of Hungarians in Franklin, New Jersey

A Place to Gather While researching the history of the Hungarian Reformed Church of Franklin, New Jersey, I couldn’t help but think back to the 70s television show, “Little House on the Prairie,” and see the parallel roles the church … Continue reading

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Small Town History

Despite the discipline being frowned upon by our business-driven culture, the subject of history has exploded over the past decade or so. With the advent of blogs, popular TV programs on the History Channel and National Geographic, the explosion of … Continue reading

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The Occupation of Newark by Tom Hayden: An Outsider’s Outlook

Diaries give a perspective into the mind of the person who is writing the entry like I am doing with this blog. They always interested me because they are personal and give a perspective of  events which are happening in … Continue reading

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“You are Here:” The Center of Colt’s City

Last week, we brought our students to see a movie at Paterson’s Center City Mall.  I arrived early, stopped at the café for a white chocolate mocha, stared out of the windows at the old Post Office on Ward and … Continue reading

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Newark: A History of Race, Rights, and Riots in America

The book, Newark: A History of Race, Rights, and Riots in America by Kevin Mumford gives the reader a glispe of how the riot started from its very beginnings. The riots‘ roots, according to Mumford, originated in the 19th and … Continue reading

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The Computer That Ate Suburbia: A Small New Jersey Town in a Global Economy

My first memories of seeing how the global economy or globalization could affect a small local region, like the town where I grew up in North Jersey, occurred when I was a child. My father worked in the textile and … Continue reading

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